It takes a special person to become a teacher. The job requires confidence to educate, entertain and inspire students with new content on a daily basis. Moreover, teachers must have the guts to work hard even when students are disinterested and hostile to the tasks at hand.

To claim mastery of the profession — to kick your feet up and declare yourself a good teacher takes serious ego. Truly excellent teachers will dismiss overconfidence as complacent and self-aggrandizing. No one is ever finished perfecting their teaching craft.

I created this site to focus on humility. None of us has all the answers when it comes to teaching, especially me. is a site where educators can analyze what works, what doesn’t, and how to get better at their jobs in and out of the classroom.

The site name, GoodTeaching, encapsulates the goal of best practice in the classroom, shaped and refined over a lifetime. Tomorrow must be better than today. Plan for improvement and take action. That’s good teaching.

I hope this site will inspire educators to learn from each other and become better in serving their students and communities.

Tim Kitson
Tim Kitson

Tim Kitson is an educator with an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the last ten years, Tim has worked with thousands of students to develop their reading, writing, critical thinking, and character. As a native of Flint, Michigan, Tim cares deeply about social justice and the role of the individual in its pursuit. He lives in Ohio with his amazing wife and son.

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