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EDTL 6330 Educational Tidbits Modules 4-6

Earlier this month I wrote about Miyamoto Musashi who said “If you know the way broadly you see it all things.” The saying is certainly true for teachers.

Below is a list of 15 bits of news and experiences I think teachers can learn from — educational tidbits, if you will.

Educational Tidbits for mid-late April, 2021
1. Biden’s education agenda stretches from “cradle to college”
2. 7% of Americans don’t use the internet
3. Here are the 15 largest ed tech companies in the world… can you guess no. 1?
4. Biden’s plan to fix the internet means access in every home.
5. Ransomware is becoming a bigger threat, especially to schools.
6. High schoolers in Findlay, Ohio are getting schooled on cryptocurrency.

Tips and Tricks
7. Google classroom now allows rich text
      Have students bold key points for faster grading!
8. Send a link on Youtube with a specific start time
9. Remove.bg can remove backgrounds from uploaded images…useful for all kinds of lessons
10. Share a link that will force copy a Google doc.

Politics and Discussion
11. “Techquity” is a new word
12. Allsides.org tries to present a balanced approach to news.
13. Kialo fosters organized, diplomatic debate (shoutout to Marc Lebendig)
14. Loom can provide transcripts of video uploads for free.

15. Schoology experienced widespread outages this week.  How can a teacher overcome an LMS failure?  Tinyurl.com

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Tim Kitson
Tim Kitson

Tim Kitson is an educator with an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the last ten years, Tim has worked with thousands of students to develop their reading, writing, critical thinking, and character. As a native of Flint, Michigan, Tim cares deeply about social justice and the role of the individual in its pursuit. He lives in Ohio with his amazing wife and son.

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